Parish Life

Sunday School

A Sunday School program is offered for children ages 4 through 6th grade each Sunday. Children begin worship with their family. They are dismissed to Sunday School after “A Time for Children.” The Sunday School curriculum follows the lectionary texts being used in worship and allows the children to learn Bible stories and concepts at an age-appropriate level. Christian music is an important part of each Sunday when the children spend time singing with the Music Director.

Prayer Circle

Kenilworth Prayer Circle meets weekly, Tuesday evenings 6:15 to 7 pm, to pray for our nation, our church, our neighbors, our families and our world. Prayer requests may be made during worship on Sunday mornings, by calling the church office at 503-235-3977 or by leaving  prayer request slip in either the offering plate or the small box in the narthex.


Advent is the four weeks before Christmas. During this time of the year, we prepare for the coming of Jesus into our lives. On the first Sunday of Advent we enjoy family fellowship, food and crafts. The craft for 2017 was creating figures of either the wise men or the holy family from empty bottles. During Advent we find ways to share the joy and anticipation of the season by caroling with shut-ins, exchanging homemade Christmas cookies and sharing nativity scenes or angel collections.


Lent, the 40 days not counting Sundays between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, is a time of reflection and growth for us. We offer a series of discussions on a topic at a weekly dinner meal. In 2017 we explores the issues around the theme of values we affirm: Justice and Mercy, a presentation about the death penalty; Creation, a presentation regarding an environmental issue; Diversity, a presentation about immigrants and refugees; Our Confessions, a presentation about the Belhar Confession; and Our Community, a presentation about homelessness and affordable housing.

PUN events

PUN, the Presbyterian Urban Network, is a group of smaller city churches who have found strength in community. Members from the various PUN churches gather to learn about mission, celebrate holidays with choral pieces and fellowship at picnics during the summer.

Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women meets monthly for Bible Study and fellowship. The women prepare and present the Gifts of Women Sunday in March focusing on issues of primary importance to all women. They support local and world missions through the Fellowship of the Least Coin, The Thank Offering and the Birthday Offering. A rummage sale in the late summer and a tea party in the spring help raise funds to support the activities of Presbyterian Women, including attending the Churchwide Gathering in Louisville in 2018.

Tai Chi

The oriental practice of Tai Chi is practiced every Tuesday from 5:45 to 6:15 pm in the upper level classroom. The group performs eight forms that promote better balance and core strength.


Susan Lily, a certified yoga instructor, offers a yoga class on Saturday mornings at 11a. She has been teaching yoga since 1989. There is no set fee for the class; students are invited to donate an amount with which they are comfortable.  All money received is being donated to the church.  The class is a way that Susan has chosen to give back to the neighborhood and the church. Persons interested in attending or learning more about the class may contact Susan Lilly at 503-236-3816

The Fellowship of Food

Food plays a vital role in the life of Kenilworth Presbyterian Church. Most church events include the sharing of a meal. The Advent Family Night and the Lenten programs begin with a meal. We gather as a community to celebrate Thanksgiving and share picnic meals with members of other church families in the PUN (Portland Urban Network) churches. Each Sunday’s worship is culminated with a time of food and fellowship. KPC believes that we should feed both our spiritual hungers and our physical hungers. Christ was made known to the disciples after the resurrection when he joined them for a meal and Christ is made known to us as we share food with one another.

 Kenilworth at Work! Newsletter

Kenilworth at Work! is the church’s monthly newsletter.

The current newsletter: February 2018

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