Special Offering for PDA: Sunday November 5

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is currently responding to these national and international disasters:

  • Hurricane Matthew: Haiti
  • The Wildfires in the West: Oregon, Washington, California and Montana
  • Hurricanes Irma and Maria: Puerto Rico, Cuba, the US Virgin Islands and the US
  • Hurricane Harvey: the US, especially Texas and Louisiana
  • Wildfires in Tennessee

When disaster strikes, caring Presbyterians are there to offer help through PDA. There are many ways we can help

  1. Pray, seeking God’s presence on behalf of those in need
  2. Act, by staying informed, volunteering to help distribute aid or help rebuild, and by assembling kits that are distributed (KPC PW will be making kits to send to PDA in the next few months.)
  3. Give, by donating to the special offering being received on Sunday, November 5.