Notes from the Pastor: “God Invites. How Will We Respond?”

On Mother’s Day, my sermon spoke of God’s changeless love. Just as a mother’s love shapes and changes us, God’s changeless, steadfast love, changes us. When God invites us in love, what is our response?

Here are a few ways we might respond, arranged around the letters “RSVP,” from the French “Répondez s’il vous plait,” meaning “Please respond.”

R: Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose.
• These all relate to environmental stewardship as individuals and as a certified Earth Care Congregation.

S: Share, Study, Spend.
• Share Groceries 4 Grout, share our building, and share offerings for local, regional, national, and international missions.
• Study in worship, in Lenten and Advent programs, in gatherings with mission co-workers, and among Presbyterian Women.
• Spend our resources in ways that promote shalom, the wholeness of all God’s children.

V: Vote, Volunteer, Vocalize.
• Vote. When we vote, remember to care for the orphan, widow, and alien; the kingdom that comes from Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace.
• Volunteer. Expend our time and energy as a holy offering.
• Vocalize: Speak out. Sing praises. Give voice to those the world would silence.

P: Pray, Persist, Prod.
• Pray regularly in private and groups for the people and causes dear to us, and for those that oppose us, hurt us, and with whom we disagree.
• Persist when answers to prayers seem too long in coming, and in the struggle to discern God’s intentions for us as individuals and as a community of faith.
• Prod ourselves to move beyond our comfort zones, that we might grasp new implications of changeless truth from God. Prod ourselves, our loved ones, our church, our community, our nation, and our world to hear God’s call, God’s loving invitation to reconciliation.

Peace, Pastor David