From the Pastor’s Study: November 2016

“As November begins, proceeds and ends”
As November begins for American’s, we are on the edge of our election season. For many, the statement could be shorter: We are on edge. I am reminded of a quote from Thomas Paine, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” For those who have endured the fatigue of the election season, I pray you find rest.
As November begins in the Northwest, we are well into our rainy season. I am reminded of a song first made famous by the Ink Spots in 1944, “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall.” The next line of the song added “…but too much is falling in mine.” For those whose rain gauge is full, I pray that you are keeping your head above water.
As November proceeds, we encounter a day to acknowledge veterans. I am reminded of the phrase “All gave some. Some gave all.” For those who are veterans, and those whose lives have been forever changed by a family member’s service, I pray that you know that your gifts given for us and to us are appreciated.
As November proceeds, we encounter a day to give thanks. A day that began out of simple thankfulness for survival and sustenance gather in for the coming winter. As we ponder the reasons for our own thankfulness, I pray that we are grateful for both immeasurable and “simple gifts.”
As November proceeds, we end the current and begin a new liturgical year. Culminating with Christ the King/The Reign of Christ Sunday, and beginning with the first Sunday of Advent, we mark both an ending and a beginning. For those who have encountered endings and beginnings this year, I pray God’s peace and presence with you in all seasons.
As November ends, we will plunge headlong into the holiday season. From my context as a non-swimmer, I pray that none of us gets in too deep, and that we avail ourselves of the following personal floatation devices: 1) enjoying opportunities for friendship, fellowship, and service, and 2) centering ourselves in the everlasting moment, the eternal instant of Christ’s advent.
Peace, Pastor David