Christmas Preparedness: Getting ready for Christ’s birth

The theme for Advent 2016 is “Christmas Preparedness’”
“Be prepared” is not just a good Boy Scout motto, it is good sense. In Portland many advocate the need for being prepared for a great earthquake, given that the geologic record indicates a high magnitude quake is possible in our region.
Our theme for Advent this year is built around being prepared not for a calamity, but toward our celebration of God’s reconciling work accomplished through our Savior, Jesus Christ. God’s reconciling work is not overdue, it is always present, and always arriving. Advent is a time to consider what Christ’s arrival has meant to us and the world, to ponder again his coming into our lives, and to examine how prepared we are for his coming again. Christ has come, Christ will come again, Christ is always coming. Patterned after the things we gather for emergency preparedness, the Sunday’s of advent will feature worship built around these topics:
Topic Spiritual focus
November 27: Water – Baptism and our membership in God’s family; waters of creation, deliverance, and sustenance.
December 4: Food – Communion and the atoning work of Christ; food for ministry and fellowship, being fed spiritually.
December 11: Tools – The Bible and tools of study, prayer, and meditation; having the right tools, keeping them working.
December 18: Shelter – The church, a community of faith; how we give shelter to each other and others.
This year’s themes allow us to consider the sacraments, the Bible, and the church, in a season of blessed anticipation. We invite all to come, “ready or not!”