Grocery Bags for Grout

Thank you for all the wonderful food items donated for the bags of groceries given to seven food insecure families at Grout Elementary before Thanksgiving. Each bag contained fresh apples and carrots, a small ham, sweet potatoes, fresh bread and other foods.  We will be taking bags of groceries to Grout on Wednesday, December 14. … [Read more…]

Christmas Gifts for Grout

We will be providing Christmas gifts for 35 children at Grout Elementary. The value of the gifts is about $25. You can sign up to purchase a gift in the Fireplace Room. Wrapped gifts should be returned to the church by Sunday, December 11, when they will be dedicated. The gifts will be delivered on … [Read more…]

Christmas Preparedness: Getting ready for Christ’s birth

The theme for Advent 2016 is “Christmas Preparedness’” “Be prepared” is not just a good Boy Scout motto, it is good sense. In Portland many advocate the need for being prepared for a great earthquake, given that the geologic record indicates a high magnitude quake is possible in our region. Our theme for Advent this year … [Read more…]

Presbyterian Women Meet Monday November 14 at 7 pm

Bible Study “Who Is Jesus?” lesson three: According to Luke We have seen Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah (not the messiah the people expected, but God’s Son,) and as a master teacher who opens the kingdom of heaven to us here and now. Luke portrays Jesus, rejected by his own people, and prophet of God, … [Read more…]

From the Pastor’s Study: November 2016

“As November begins, proceeds and ends” As November begins for American’s, we are on the edge of our election season. For many, the statement could be shorter: We are on edge. I am reminded of a quote from Thomas Paine, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting … [Read more…]