Lenten Series Focuses on Water Issues

On February 18, the week following Ash Wednesday, we will begin a series of presentations and workshops on topics associated with water. There are over 600 references to water in the Hebrew bible. Many of the events surrounding the ministry of Jesus include water, such as the wedding at Cana, his baptism and his walking on water. During the weeks leading up to Easter we will examine the Biblical images of water, learn more about current issues involving water and explore what our responsibility as a church and as families should be.
The events are open to all, and include a meal.  We will gather at 6:15pm and begin eating at 6:30pm. The programs will commence around 7:00pm and conclude at 8pm or soon thereafter.   There is no charge, however donations are invited.  Please invite friends and family.
The dinners will be hosted by church families. Please volunteer to host one of the Lenten Dinners.