Thursday February 25: Crater Lake Revealed

This week’s Lenten program features USGS Geologist David Ramsey who will explore the waters of Crater Lake. What lies beneath the surface? How deep is the lake? How is the USGS protecting this natural resource? Dinner begins at 6:30 p.m. The program begins at 7 p.m. There is no charge for the meal. Donations are … [Read more…]

Lenten Series Focuses on Water Issues

On February 18, the week following Ash Wednesday, we will begin a series of presentations and workshops on topics associated with water. There are over 600 references to water in the Hebrew bible. Many of the events surrounding the ministry of Jesus include water, such as the wedding at Cana, his baptism and his walking … [Read more…]

Donate Diapers to SnowCap in February

SnowCap supports the fragile members of our community in many ways, providing food, clothing, and personal hygiene products. They can always use diapers in any size including adult. Bring place your donation in the box marked SnowCap in the church narthex. Thank you.